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Voltage Cycles

8/16/2010 4:16 PM

ForjWorks has teamed up with Voltage Cycles to bring the next gen electric cycles.  Voltage Cycles is a design and manufacturing company that is passionate about bikes and providing an alternate electric means of transportation.  Voltage Cycles is led by CEO, Marty Schlesinger, who has rode professional BMX for Mongoose for many years.

After much R&D and careful design and engineering, Voltage Cycles will be soon releasing their first electric cycle called, ElectrickBas.

This is the prototype.

The new ElectrickBas from Voltage Cycles. Custom electric cycles. You'll be able to customize your electric bike by selecting different components like handle bars, seats, tires, and color to fit your lifestyle.

Powered by a 48 volt lithium battery and pushed by a 600 watt brushless geared rear motor. The ElectrickBas offers power and performance like no other e-cycle out there. Battery life of over 2000 cycles. 20 to 34 miles per charge. Recharge time of 2-3 hours and costs less then a nickel. Thats 50,000 miles and less then $125 in energy cost for the life

High quality disc brakes and other components.of the battery.

Custom Wasabi Green paint job.