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ForjWorks Scion Gen1 xB Camber Kits

7/13/2010 5:24 PM

For those Gen1 bB rides that want to tuck some wide wheels and tires in the rear, check out the ForjWorks camber kits.  We offer two two types of kits:

  • 5.0 kit - this kit comes with 5 degrees of camber.  Select this kit if you want a super tucked wheel and tire.
  • 5.5 kit - this kit comes with 5 degrees of camber with an integrate 5mm spacer.  Select this kit if you want to tuck in your wheel and tire and kick it out 5mm for that flush look.
Each kit comes complete and ready to install with two rear camber shims, rear brackets, and all the hardware, including super strong grade 8 bolts.

Check out these two sick bB rides featuring our camber kits.  The Maroon box has the 5.0 kit installed and running 18x8/18x8.5 chrome SSR Vienna Krais ( Discontinued ) wrapped in 215x 35 Fusions.  The Black box has the 5.5 kit installed and running 18 X 8 front + 34, 18 X 9 rear + 23 with 215/35-18 tires all the way around.