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Gen2 xB Bonnet Spoiler Now Shipping

9/26/2010 4:12 PM

The long awaited ForjWorks Bonnet Spoiler for the Gen2 xB is now shipping.  Here's Marshall Lum's VIP xB rocking the new spoiler at the 2010 SpoCom event in Hawaii.

ForjWorks is probably the only company out there that makes a bonnet spoiler for the Gen2 xB.  And what also makes these spoilers very unique to other spoilers and aero parts is that we use billet PVC materials.  These are not made out of fiberglass and they are not hand laid.  These are CNC milled out of a single block of PVC so you get a consistent precision cut spoiler that fits like a glove.

Installation is a snap with the hidden 3M VHB (Very High Bond) double sided tape.  Just clean, peel, and stick.  Done.