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Gen2 xb Executive Grille

9/28/2010 11:08 PM

Whether your mission is just cruising the streets or trying to win custom car shows, the ForjWork Executive Grille is a must-get accessory for your Gen2 xB.  There is no other grille like it on the market.  It starts with our talented CAD engineers that carefully designed every inch of the grille.  We painstakingly measured to the exact length and angle so that the stance of the grille sits perfectly, and unmistakably stands for quality. 

It is made out of a solid block of aluminum.  Our 5 axis CNC machine cuts the grille continuously for approximately 15 hours to create a precision crafted grille.  The rest is hand sanded and polished to a high shine and luster.  It is truly a rare piece and we put a tremendous amount a care in making.

As complex it is to produce this grille, it is absolutely a breeze to install.  All the hardware and brackets come with the kit.  It bolts up to all the OEM locations in about 15 minutes.

So no matter what style you're going for, the ForjWorks Executive Grille gives you instant VIP, gangsta, or baller status.

Mahalo to our good friend Victor F. from New York who has the first production Executive Grille.