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ForjWorks Ruckus Build

10/25/2010 10:29 PM

This is one of the projects we've been up to lately, the first ForjWorks Ruckus build.  This Ruckus belongs to Kent Lee, who already owns one of the most slammed Gen1 xB around.

If you have never seen or worked on a Rukus before, this moped is a great platform to have fun with.  It's very easy and simple to modify with just a ton of aftermarket parts to make these things look soooo cool.  ForjWorks will be producing parts for the Ruckus in the very near future, including the "Fatty" fender that you see in this build.

We started with a 2009 Honda Rukus with only about 700 miles on it.  The goal was to keep this build super clean and simple.  Nothing too over-the-top to start, as this Rukus will more than likely not stay this way soon.  LOL.  It has a stretch kit and 10" x 8" "fat" wheels and tires.  Custom front forks and Brembo brakes.  The paint is pearl white with purple.  The aluminum handle bars were shorten by 1.5" on each side for a more sports bike feel.  Some engine mods include a custom air filter and Yoshimura exhaust.

We definitely had fun building this Ruckus.  We already have another stock Ruckus waiting in the wings.  Our next build is going to have some really cool tricks including a total engine swap, but not the kind of engine you would doesn't use gas.  We'll have a trick suspension as well, the kind that makes "psst", "psst" sound.  Stay tuned as we will show you the build come together.