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Is AirRex the easiest air ride system to install?

6/26/2012 5:29 PM
When we first installed the AirRex air struts and Digital Air Management System, our initial thought was that it was the most easiest and straight-forward install ever.  It took our ASE certified mechanic less than six hours to install an Audi A4 from start to finish.

For those of you who have installed an air ride system before, you know that it can sometimes take approximately 14 - 18 hours or more to finish.  In addition, when you can't work on the car continuously, it seems like days or weeks to get it done.

So we said to ourselves, maybe six hours was a fluke because we had an experienced mechanic install it so of course it's going to be fast, right?. Patrick Sayaphoum, the owner of Wagoners - Wagon Life Style website and blog.  Patrick got his hands on a brand new AirRex full digital system.  He admitted himself that he has no previous experience with installing an air ride system ever.  And these are excerpts from his own words...

"We did the install yesterday.  None of us have done air install before, and it took us about 9 hours of actually work time to install, we took lunch, dinner and "running out to get tools" break which is not counted in that."

"Besides my car's suspension that was either stuck on or broke when we took it apart, there was only 1 issue we had with the AirRex kit.  It was the front, with the lower camber bolt bracket, the holes were too small, so we had to tap it larger and painted so it is protected. I actually did this with the Tein SS Coilovers too."

[Editors note:  AirRex has no Matrix AWD kit.  Patrick new that the Celica kit was close enough so some mods were expected.]


"The rear is where we all thought would be an issue, slip in like it was made for it."


"The airbox, NO ISSUES at all, it was going when we plugged it in."

"Thanks again for allowing me to part of your ForJworks and AirRex family.  It's an honor and pure blast installing.  I'm not gonna to forget it, and now I'm looking at my daily, the Honda Insight... HAHA"

Thank YOU Patrick.  Hit Patrick up at or like him on FB